When we light a candle for our Guardian Angel or the Divine (God, Divine Hierarchies, Celestial Beings, Archangels, among other Spiritual Forces), with a request or question, we are able to obtain and interpret the answer, through the reading of the flame and the candle wax. This form of Oracle is called Ceromancy.
For this it is necessary to observe the candle in every detail, to make a correct interpretation, looking for a calm and silent place and we light a white candle.
Thus the candle represents the human being: body (candle), consciousness (wick) and spirit (flame).
We must be relaxed and with our eyes closed, mentalize the request and intention when we light the candle.
After a few minutes, we open our eyes and we are going to analyze the flame and the burning of the candle, to know what orientation it will have, in relation to the request we made.
The interpretation will be according to the appearance of the flame and other characteristics of the candle.
• Blue flame: it is a positive sign of spiritual strength and warns you to keep faith and be patient, as the goals will be achieved.
• Yellow flame: moments of joy and happiness in sight.
• If the flame releases small sparks (flame sparks) in the air: it is a sign of tensions, disappointment or difficulties.
• Spiral flame: alert not to expose dreams and plans before they come true, so there is no interference and influence from others.
• Flame that trembles: changes and transformations will occur, for the better.
• Candle flame does not light: charged environment is necessary to improve the energy of the person and the environment.
• Bright wick tip (Glowing ball on wick tip): beneficial sign of good events and successful accomplishments.
• Flame burns the entire candle: notice that the request and intention have been successfully sent to the spiritual plane.
• When the candle flame, when burning, forms a ladder to the side: it is necessary to know how to wait, because to reach the intention, it will take time for its crystallization.
• If the candle does not burn all the paraffin: it is a sign that there is interference from negative forces, it is advisable to relight the candle and insist on the intention with faith.
• Chama Vermelha: favorable period for the request to be made and the intention to be carried out.
• Bright Flame: a sign that the prayer or request will soon be answered.
• Weak flame: indicates that the faith needs to be stronger, the intention stronger and the request reinforced.
• Low flame: there will be a delay for the order to be made.
• Candle that bends: need for more balance so as not to face difficulties.
• Candle that takes a long time to light or doesn’t light: a lot of negativity, making it difficult to communicate with the upper world and to connect with the Guardian Angel and the Divine.
• Flame that raises and lowers: dispersion, the person has no focus and does not focus on his intention because his mind is confused.
• Wick that breaks in two: request made, in an undecided and uncertain way.
• The candle “cries” (the flame melts the paraffin, which is in a liquid state around the wick): Difficulty in ordering.
• The flame does not burn the entire wick and there is still paraffin: need to turn more to spirituality and focus on prayer.
• The flame of the wick goes out before the whole candle has melted: in addition to praying and turning to the superior, the person also needs to do his part so that his intention comes true.

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