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Star Stone I19

Star Stone I19

Crystal 4 cm wide – 5 cm high

It works as a real guide.

Light the way and open doors.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Star Stone I19

This stone retains many mystical features.

It is produced in the laboratory using other elements.

Its appearance is very reminiscent of the starry sky.

Its color varies between blue and green, with a very dark tone.

Among the powers is that of helping to fulfill dreams and desires.

Representing heaven, provides the user with great divine protection.

Makes the connection with the guardian angel.

Allows clarity of vision.

Those who use the crystal are able to continue on their journey.

They overcome obstacles and make better decisions.

The path is much clearer, preventing you from getting lost along the way.

This stone is associated with the success of the people who carry them.

Due to its spiritual and guiding character during the trajectory of life.

Helps discernment in life.

Helps direct connection to the spirit world.

Connects the positive energies of the universe when used every day.

It stimulates the energies of the spiritual plane.

This crystal allows you to achieve your dreams and desires.

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4cm width – 5cm height