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Set in Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye

Rose quartz and tiger eye set

Stainless steel earrings and waxed cord bracelet.
Unique piece, created by our store.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Set in Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye

Rose Quartz brings us the stone of love and peace.
This enables inner healing and purification of the emotional body.
This healing is activated through the Heart Chakra.
It drives away negative energies and raises the vibrations of love.
It enables harmony and peace in relationships and in the family environment.
Solve Emotional Issues.
It creates a strong field of access to unconditional love.
It is the crystal of the heart and it teaches the true essence of love.
It helps in understanding how to love more fully.

The Tiger’s Eye is powerful for mental clarity.
Elevates our intellect.
Assists in the development of personal talents.
Your positive energy creates a protective field around you.
Fight even the strongest attacks of black magic and envy.
Neutralizes all negative energies.
Encourages conflict resolution
It intensifies our psychic ability.
It increases our self-esteem.
This Crystal helps to identify our gifts.
Helps overcome limitations.
Balances the Yin and Yang energies.
Energizes our emotional body.
It is the Crystal of Prosperity, as it vibrates attracting financial gains.
It encourages good luck and helps open the way.

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