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Rolled Moon Stone

Rolled Moon Stone

With 3 cm – 7 cm
Color and size may vary as this is a natural stone.


Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Rolled Moon Stone

It is a mystical stone.
It has high spiritual power and strong feminine energy.
It emits spiritual vibrations that increase intuition.
Expand the mind.
They increase our power of attraction and personal magnetism.
It has strong spiritual energies.
It carries within it the highest feminine powers.
It awakens our psychic abilities.
Increases mediumship.
It elevates our spirituality.
He works very lovingly.
It promotes emotional healing throughout our being.
It is excellent for emotional balance.
Strengthens the mind.
It improves digestion.
Increases metabolism.
Strengthens sexual energy.
Accelerates weight loss and achieving the ideal weight.

In the physical it helps in energy healing:

of the skin,
and helps the body eliminate toxins.


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