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Rolled Jade

Rolled Jade

With 3 cm – 5 cm
Color and size may vary as this is a natural stone.


Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Rolled Jade

It attracts good luck and strength to its bearer.
It is very beneficial for the heart.
It is used in the East as an amulet.
It is one of the most powerful stones.
Protect and attract happiness to those who use it.
Your delicate energy attracts love.
Promotes revealing dreams.
It greatly reduces anxiety.
Regulate hormones and relieve pain.
Avoid dangerous situations.
Purifies all surrounding energies.
Attract good things into our life.
It strengthens friendships.
It elevates our spirituality.
Eliminates negative thoughts.
Relieves pain and purifies the energy of the organs.
Her vibrations inspire inner peace.
Improves relationships.
It helps to attract true love.
Provides revealing dreams if used under the pillow.