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Rolled Green Quartz

Rolled green quartz

Crystal 2-3 cm.
It is a powerful health stone. vitality and energizing environments.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Rolled Green Quartz

Protects against energetic vampirism.
Transmute negative energies into positive ones.
They help to attract prosperity to their wearer.
Improves overall health.
Increases our energy.
Eliminates physical and mental fatigue.
Balances the emotions.
Strengthens metabolism.
Its vibrations energize and purify environments.
Neutralizes harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.
It attracts prosperity and income.
This stone strengthens the Heart Chakra.
Helps children grow.
Dispels negative thoughts.
Elevates our mood.
It allows us to be ready to receive the positive energies of love.
It has a very rejuvenating action.
It is able to prevent sagging, stretch marks and cellulite.
This Crystal is able to aid in the exercise of empathy.
It helps to give priority to love for others.
Avoid selfish decisions.
It is considered a powerful crystal in meditation.
It can help with deep relaxation.

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