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Rolled aragonite I27

Rolled aragonite I27

It disintegrates the negative energies around you.

Transmits vibrations of peace.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Rolled aragonite I27

It attracts very positive energies to the people who use it.

It drives away negative spiritual forces.

In the physical body it improves the circulation of energy in the body.

Eliminates the feeling of tiredness and indisposition.

Energies and Meaning of this Crystal:

It anchors and purifies all energies around you.

It acts as a healer through its telluric energies.

Its vibrations help to clear energy blocks.

They purify and elevate the energy of environments.

They remove the atmosphere of tension, conflict and nervousness from the place.

It is very useful for people who work with team management.

It helps to center the mind.

Favors emotional control.

Helps find solutions to problems.

By calming the mind and stabilizing the spiritual energy.

It is also recommended to facilitate meditation and relaxation.

Therapeutic Effects:

It helps to improve the entire flow of vital energy in our body.

Helps eliminate tiredness and strengthens the immune system.

Its energies help to heal bone problems.

Restored the spine’s elasticity.

It helps in the absorption of calcium and alleviates all physical pain.

Emotionally and mentally, it acts anchored and helping to focus on the practical things in life.

Teach us to be happier and less anxious.