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Rolled Amazonite I32

Rolled Amazonite I32

It is a special crystal that attracts good luck.

They convey peace and elevate our spirituality.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Rolled Amazonite I32

It is a powerful amulet that attract good things.

It opens the way to success.

It pushes away negative energies.

Give your bearer good luck.

It protects against electromagnetic radiation.

It encourages learning and studies and awakens creativity.

This crystal enhances our intuition.

It helps to expand awareness.

Improves sleep quality.

It balances our vital energy.

It is recommended for cases of osteoporosis.

Strengthens bones.

Reduces calcium deficiency problems.

Harmonizes metabolism.

In the emotional field, it reduces traumas and fears.

Alleviates worries.

It calms the mind.

Improves the nervous system.

Improves sleep quality.