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Reflux Incense - Sandalwood

Reflux Incense – Sandalwood

Tin box with lid and 24 reflux cones.
Lasting 20 minutes to burn.


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Reflux Incense – Sandalwood

This incense is recognized all over the world.

It is a fragrance of nature:

and raising awareness.

It is widely used for its medicinal and aromatic properties.
This incense contributes to creating a holistic and fresh environment.
It also prevents negativity and promotes good.
Used for meditation, purification or relaxation.
It brings benefits to our energy body.
It helps to elevate spirituality.
It is a sacred aroma that celebrates gratitude and the feeling of brotherhood.
It also fights negative energies.
It lifts the spirits and brings people luck.
The first and most important effect is the elevation of spirituality.
It works as a facilitator of entry into the meditative state.
It helps in contacting the Higher Self with its God.
Its enveloping aroma brings peace and calm.
Creates a holistic atmosphere in the environment.
It promotes internal balance.

It is suitable for the practice of:

holistic therapies,
Astral trip,
and expands intuition.

It is used to pray and meditate.
It is associated with humility.


Incenso Refluxo