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Reflux Incense - Pau Santo

Reflux Incense – Pau Santo

Tin box with lid and 24 reflux cones.
Lasting 20 minutes to burn.


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Reflux Incense – Pau Santo

Made in a 100% natural way.
It does not harm nature and works as a balancer.
Harmonizes the environment.
It cleanses negative energies and attracts good fluids.
Helps prevent disease.
It has physical and spiritual cleansing properties.
It is also an aphrodisiac and reduces tension between people.
Cleans energy that is stagnant in places.

Its benefits are:

Controls diseases caused by stress,
brings peace and harmony,
helps to deepen the moments of Meditation and contemplation,
Relax the mind,
induces a feeling of abandonment of what no longer serves,
transports you to a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility,
it’s aphrodisiac,
helps improve the spiritual quality of the relationship,
can be used in the master bedroom,
brings more intimate, loving and happy moments,
connects people with human love,
increases the ability to give and receive,
relieves stress,
eliminate domestic conflicts,
is a 100% natural mosquito repellent,
is antidepressant,
depurative (purifies the body),
antifungal, among others.

Incenso Refluxo