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Reflux Incense - Chakras

Reflux Incense – Chakras

Tin box with lid and 24 reflux cones.
Lasting 20 minutes to burn.

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Reflux Incense – Chakras

Ideal for relaxation and meditation.
Don’t hesitate, and enjoy its calming effects.
Made with the sweet fragrance of oriental woods, flowers and fruits.
It can awaken the Kundalini.
Stimulates all chakras.
It is excellent for us, especially in spiritual areas.
Transcendental spiritual energy is called Kundalini.

In it resides:

the muladhara
and Ajna chakra.

Goloka Chakra handmade incense is ideal for balancing the 7 Chakras.
Unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins, oils and forest products.

Incenso Refluxo