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Raw Amethyst

Raw Amethyst

With 3-5 cm
It is used by mystics all over the world.
High mid range.
Origin Uruguay.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Raw Amethyst

Meaning of this Crystal:
Its name came from the Greek Amethystós which means “not drunk”.
Symbolizes the third eye and is a symbol of modesty.

Its effects:
The energy of this crystal is linked to the brow chakra, or third eye chakra.
Its healing properties are quite powerful:
It is used by mystics all over the world.
It is linked to the paranormal and controlling the temper.
Few stones offer as many benefits as this crystal.
This loss is often used to calm the nervous system.
Helps in depressions, among others.
It helps to balance our -3rd Eye chakra.
It helps people to become less dispersive.
It helps to have self-control in your emotions and faculties.
It is much sought after by those who practice astral travel.
She is very connected to spiritual energies.
It helps in connecting the physical and the spiritual.
For those who practice meditation it can be a good ally.
It helps with concentration.
It helps to enter altered states of consciousness due to the 3rd eye connection.

Very good for anyone suffering from:
anxiety problems,
emotional problems.

Stone of Profession:
• Artists,
• Astrologers,
• Dancers,
• Farmers,
• Gardeners,
• Politicians,
• Psychologists,

Associated signs:
• Fish,
• Aquarium,
• RAM,
• Sagittarius
• Capricorn.


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