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Protection Bracelet and Spiritual Strength

Protection Bracelet and Spiritual Strength

It consists of Carnelian, Opal, Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye.
This bracelet has energy that calms emotions to help us possess a very high spiritual strength.

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Protection Bracelet and Spiritual Strength

Because in its constitution it has four powerful crystals:
Moss Agate,
Lazuli pencil.
Tiger Eye.

It makes her a powerful bracelet of protection and spiritual strength.

Some of the features of crystals are:

Carnelian is impregnated with energies that favor success,

health and our vital force,
stimulate the occurrence of positive changes in our lives,
favor professional success,
restore our vitality,
give us courage,
eliminate our fears.

Lapis Lazuli is a carrier of very high spiritual strength,

Speeds up personal enlightenment,
awakens psychic abilities,
your vibration facilitates contact with our spiritual mentors,
blocks spiritual attacks,
Excellent Pineal Gland Activator.

Moss Agate protects us and improves our health,

harmonizes the emotions,
eliminates negative energy from the environments,
your vibration balances the yin and yang energies,
removes energy blocks in the body,
favors physical and mental health,
relieves gastritis,
improve digestion,
improves anxiety,
improves depression.

Tiger’s Eye brings mental clarity,

elevates our intellect,
helps the development of personal talents,
creates a protective field,
fights even the strongest attacks of black magic and envy,
stimulates physical vitality,
stimulates the circulation of energy,
facilitates cell respiration,
helps in the maintenance and balance of the energy poles,
intensifies our psychic ability,
increases our self-esteem,
is able to break all curses,
neutralize the energies of envy and fat eye.

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