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Green Jasper Pendant I2

Jaspe Verde I2 Pendant – Single piece.

Ideal to use in necklace. Visit our necklaces section to add a necklace.

As they are crystals, the color may be slightly different.

Methods to energize crystals and stones

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Green Jasper Pendant I2

It is a stone that soothes, develops sensitivity and drives away sadness.

Balances the aura and aligns the intuition, it helps to have a peaceful sleep.

It is also great for health problems, it helps to stop the blood.

Harmonizes the nervous system, helps with liver, stomach and spleen ailments.

When used in elixirs Jasper helps to regenerate the body.

Promotes good relationships and understanding in interpersonal relationships.

This stone calms the spirit and restores emotional balance.

It brings balance of emotions and thoughts related to the past and present.

This stone should be used for long periods of time as it works slowly.

It works on the Base chakra, with the Earth element, associated with the signs Taurus and Virgo.

The esoteric and psychic effects are:

– Quick reasoning, verbalization, warding off ghosts, sexual energy.

– Protect in maternity, release,

– Recognition, high recognition of responsibility.

– Freedom, peaceful sleep, sense of security, among others.

Therapeutic effects:

nervous system,
accumulation of fats.