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Owl Bracelet

Owl Bracelet

Onyx and Celestite bracelet with Owl pendant.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Owl Bracelet

Bracelet made of Onix and Celestite and with an owl amulet.
Onyx is regarded as the stone of power and personal achievement.

Its benefits are:

channel the energies to achieve our goals,
Keeps us safe and focused even in the toughest situations,
gives us glimpses of the future,
Strengthens health,
Helps to receive guidance from our spiritual masters,
It balances our yin and yang energies,
is used to ward off evil,
helps its bearer to feel more full and confident,
is the stone of personal power and energy balance,
expands our mental and physical strength,
increases self-control,
pushes away negative thoughts,
awakens the joy of living,
helps to overcome all fears,
balances our energy flow,
balances the yin and yang energies,
opens the way for us to receive guidance from the higher planes,
drives away all negative energies,
fights and repels spiritual attacks,
purifies our entire personal energy field.

Celestite belongs to the quartz family.

This stone symbolizes:

the purity of the spirit,
physically in the laryngeal chakra,
improves visual acuity when placed on the third eye chakra,
helps babies sleep,
relieve cramps,
makes the kids not cry,
has calming effects.
it has relaxing properties,
is extremely restful,
she develops inner peace to deal with daily challenges,
allows you to find solutions to problems,
provides an infinite sense of serenity,
conveys calm in the search for spiritual balance.

The Owl is an animal that symbolizes:

the wisdom,
the intelligence,
the mystery,
the mysticism.

The owl is a nocturnal bird of prey, which has claws and sees in the dark.
For this reason, it can symbolize the moon, mysticism and good omen.