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Opal Pendulum

Opal Pendulum

With stainless steel wire.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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opal pendulum

It is a stone of strong spiritual energy.
It helps to accelerate our evolution.
Attracts love.
It gives a feeling of deep peace in using it.
It has a smooth vibration that soothes emotions.
Awakens the intuition.
It helps to find new ways out of all kinds of problems.
It awakens our best.
Amplifies the power of thoughts.
Purifies the energy around you.
It increases our cosmic awareness.
Awakens the gift of spiritual sight.
Strengthens mediumship.
It helps to get in touch with our true Self.
It restores passion in relationships.
Balances all the emotional.
It makes us “invisible” to shadow forces.
Clears thoughts.
It reduces shyness.
Purify the Aura.
It has a soft protective energy.
It is a stone suitable for using with us for long periods.
It is designed to attract highly positive light energies into our home.
In the master bedroom, it will help restore passion and love in both of you.