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Obsidian Rolled Snowflake

Obsidian Rolled Snowflake

2-3 cm, unit price
It is a crystal of protection, intuition and wisdom.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Obsidian Rolled Snowflake

It’s a crystal that helps you stay focused.
Expands awareness and communication.
Bring up what is hidden.
Sharpen intuition and wisdom.
It’s great for closing loops.
Provides calm and promotes concentration.
It brings concentration even in destabilizing situations.
It helps to recognize repetitive patterns and repair them.
It is ideal to drive away obsessive spirits.
Bring emotions to the top and unlock paths.
Address deep soul issues.
It provides many benefits, such as:

Provides elucidation of problems:

Frees the patient for a new awareness of things
Better affective states
Free from neuroses and fears
deep soul healing
brings protection
Absorbs negative energy from environments
Strengthen in difficult times
improves stress
Has a calming effect

Obsidiana Floco de Neve

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