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Moldavite - Silver Pendant

Moldavite – Silver Pendant

Crystal with 1/2 cm. Price is unitary.
As they are crystals, the color may be slightly different.

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Moldavite – Silver Pendant

The Cosmic Crystal of Highest Spiritual Energy.
It is a very rare crystal with a very high spiritual vibration.
Formed millions of years ago by the impact of a meteor on the planet.
It is found only in snow from the coldest regions of the Czech Republic.
It has been used since the Middle Ages as a talisman of luck and protection.

Energies and their Meanings:

It has its own cosmic soul.
Facilitates communication with extraterrestrial light beings.
And with guardians of the Earth and the Solar System.
She is a very strong amulet of good luck and protection.
Increases healing power.
It facilitates astral travel to other lives and the future.
It is very useful in the current moment of planetary evolution.
It channels New Age energies and thus accelerates spiritual evolution.
It is widely used by masters in Reconnective Healing.

Therapeutic Effects:

It leads us to an understanding of the spiritual reasons that:
created the health problems.
opens new doors for the cure of all ailments and diseases,
increases our vital energy,
favors all types of therapies,
is very useful to cure depression,
and emotional problems.
She is very useful in Reconnective Healing therapies,
and Reiki as it increases the energy of other healing stones and crystals.

How to use it:

Wear it as a jewel or keep it close at hand.
Also use in the car, work environment and at home.
To speak with spirit guides and receive more light and messages, meditate with her near you.
Meditating with this crystal is a transcendental and very wonderful experience.
For revealing dreams, sleep with her under your pillow.
To increase the energy of other stones, leave it in contact with them for about 8 hours.

Typical Uses of Moldavite:

• Connection with higher planes and beings of Light,
• Accelerate spiritual evolution,
• Receive and channel New Age energies,
• Strengthen the effect of therapies,
• Energize other stones and crystals,
• Contact with our spiritual guides,
• Have revealing dreams,
• Strengthen the effect of therapies,
• Attract good luck and open our ways.