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Metatron Cup Base

Metatron Cup Base

Metatron’s Sacred Geometry.

Used to energize water at night to drink in the morning.

Own production.

Limpeza energética


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Metatron Cup Base

Metatron is an Archangel who created a cube.
This represents all the existing forms in the World.
The cube is a figure made up of 13 equal circles.
All are interconnected by intersecting lines.

These lines draw, inside this figure, the main geometric solids:

the triangle,
the square
, the circle.

It contains the principle of balance in Nature.

Of the numerous interpretations of this powerful symbol, there is the theory that:

the 13 circles represent the 13 main Archangels of God,
the 13 main energy centers in our body,
and the 13 keys to the principle of creation.

It is often used to repel negative energies and unwanted spirits.

Cubo Metatron