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Love and Energy Bracelet

Love and Energy bracelet

It is the energy bracelet of love, peace and harmony.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Love and Energy bracelet

This bracelet consists of Rudraska, Blue Quartz and Rose Quartz.

Rudraska acts as a bioenergy generator, which covers:

our energy field,
and our 108 sensitive nerve centers in the human brain.

They are known to cure many of the diseases,

of mind and body,
heart diseases,
increase mental clarity,
lower blood pressure,
gives awareness in general,
calm the central nervous system,
free from negative thoughts,
boost immunity,
gives energy and stamina,
rejuvenates mind and body.

Blue Quartz is great for:

organize the mind,
bring self-discipline,
self confidence,
self love,
aids meditation as it silences the mind,
facilitates entry into alpha state,
increases our spiritual perception,
improves our spiritual state,
promotes deep healing,
removes fears,
favors successes,
calms panic attacks,
blocks spiritual attacks.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love that enables:

the inner healing,
the purification of the emotional body,
repels negative energy,
is an enhancer of the vibrations of love,
of peace,
of harmony,
creates a strong field of unconditional love,
is a crystal of the heart,
show us what love is in its full form,

It is therefore a very powerful bracelet.

It confers a harmonization of our energetic and emotional field.

Rudraska como limpar