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Lemurian Crystal Tips I10

Lemurian Crystal Tips I10

It is the Lightworker Crystal.

It works like a high vibrating light stick.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Lemurian Crystal Tips I10

It emits very high positive energy.

It energizes and purifies all people and the environment around them.

It works as an astral travel facilitator.

It releases espirituais spiritual information.

Promotes a refreshing sleep filled with dreams and messages.

It works like a super light stick.

It dissolves negative and stagnant energies in people, animals, objects and environments.

It is indicated for therapies.

Cleanse environments.

Aligns and strengthens the Chakras.

It strengthens spiritual works.

Accelerates our evolution.

Heal the physical body,

It elevates spiritually.

Manifests positive energies.

It is the crystal of the lightworkers.

Increase vitality and give spiritual strength to its wearer.

Moved in circles with the right hand, it generates protective fields on people or environments within these circles.

It anchors the highest energies in its bearer.

Awakens your highest potentials.

Cristal Lemuriano