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Lavender and Jasmine Thermos Bag - Medium

Lavender and Jasmine Thermos Bag – Medium

Made in cotton.
Size may vary.
Variable patterns.


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Lavender and Jasmine Thermos Bag – Medium

Made from wheat seeds and herbs.
Ideal for relaxation and relief of pain and discomfort.
For cold and hot use.

Cold use:

put inside a plastic bag,
close tightly, the plastic bag,
put in the cold for two hours,
withdraw and use.

In this way, it prolongs the life of your cooler bag.

Hot use:

Put it in the microwave at the power between 600w to 900w,
select between 1 to 2 minutes,
withdraw and use.

Our bags have pillowcases.
In this way, they can be washed and replaced.
Encanto Esoteric makes additional pillowcases to measure.
Just message the measurements and request it.
We send the budget and photo of the available patterns.
We also make various sizes for shapes.
Essential oils can be placed in the inner bag.


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