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Japamal 108 beads

Japamal 108 beads

Own production.

We create according to the client’s wishes.


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Japamal 108 beads

Made in Green Agate and Moss Agate and Rudraska.

Green Agate:

heals emotional ailments that prevent acceptance of love,
stimulates the digestive process and relieves gastritis,
heal the eyes,
the stomach,
the uterus,
strengthens blood vessels,
cures skin problems.

Moss Agate:

heal the heart and bring it back into balance,
eliminate any toxicity,
works wonders on the immune system,
offers exceptional anti-inflammatory properties,
balances the energies,
works the heart chakra,


used in order to promote powerful energetic manifestations,
generate healing, release, protection, balance,
recomposition in those who use the seeds with them,
protect people from negative energies.