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Incense Inca - Lavender

Incense Inca – Lavender

With a line of 27 different scents.

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Incense Inca – Lavender

With remarkable relaxing and calming properties.
It gained presence in almost all industries that use fragrances.
From cleaning products to personal care segments.
Long before that, however, this magnificent plant was already used in smoking.
Used to provide good sleep.
Also for relaxation and rest conditions.
Its aroma is characteristic and known.
Smooth and does not interfere with the balance of the environment.
It synergizes with good frequencies and energies.
It does not interfere with the flow of energies in and out of an environment.

In conjunction with the therapeutic properties of Breuzinho, this incense is indicated for:
the moment before sleep,
for environments occupied by children.

They are handcrafted.
The base of our incense is Breu Branco.
An ancient resin from the Brazilian Amazon forest.
It has therapeutic properties in the respiratory area, scientifically proven;
Our incenses are the only ones that burn for 2 hours each stick.
Our line has 27 different aromas.

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