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Inca Incense - Cedar

Inca Incense – Cedar

With a line of 27 different fragrances.

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Inca Incense – Cedar

Cedar is a majestic tree.
Produces a noble and highly coveted wood.
The aromatic oil extracted from its trunk is the basis for many perfumes.
The Egyptians used Cedar Oil to make mummifications.
This incense has a woody and mildly sweet aroma.

It has an energy of:

and material prosperity.

Incense is made by hand.
The base of our incense is Breu Branco.
An ancient resin from the Brazilian Amazon forest.
It has therapeutic properties in the respiratory area, scientifically proven;
Our incense is the only one that burns for 2 hours each stick.
Our line has 27 different fragances.

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