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Desert Rose - Box

Desert Rose – Box

Excellent quality.
It belongs to the earth and water elements.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Desert Rose – Box

It is a gemstone and quite difficult to find.
Anyone who has it can count themselves lucky.
It brings countless benefits to anyone who suffers from it.
Meaning of the desert rose stone:
It is composed of Selenite and Sand.
It looks like a sand flower.
That’s why it’s known as Desert Rose.
It is a very beautiful and unique stone.
Its name pays homage to its beauty.
It belongs to the earth and water elements.
Its effects:

has immense power to help many causes in your life,
The first effect is to protect from everything that is harmed.
If someone with bad intentions gets in your way, you will soon be gone.
Negative spirits and evil forces cannot remain in your life.
The mental confusion that can be dealt with with this stone.
More clarity of thought and vision of the truth is achieved.
For envy problems, use this stone.
This stone can help you lose your shyness and get carried away.
It can be a good amulet for speakers, teachers or singers.
The stone helps to cure serious illnesses like anxiety and depression.

How to use the stone:

This stone is not very strong.
Incorrect handling can compromise its appearance.
Mishandling spoils the whole concept of the stone.
Can be used inside glass or crystal cases to protect it.
To use this stone, place it under furniture in your home.

Profession Stone:

This is the stone of the profession of the uninhibited.
Those who aren’t afraid to have personality.

It is a suitable stone for:

• Sellers,
• Singers,
• Humorists,
• Advertisers
• Presenters.

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