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Citrine Druse

Citrine Druse

Size between 15cm to 20cm
Stones and crystals are natural items and vary in their natural shape.


Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Citrine Druse

It is the crystal of material abundance and abundance.
It is the prosperity crystal itself.

Health benefits:

It has energetic properties that:

can detoxify the body,
has excellent results in the liver,
improves kidney function,
remove infections
improves the whole digestive process.
It has special action for vision problems.

Mystical Features:

It has strong chakra stimulation powers:

from heart,
solar plexus,

It is a real powerhouse for the body of the person who carries it.
It also works as an energy shield.
It is able to neutralize negative energies (even if old).
It gives us full intuition.
He emanates joy and good feelings for everyone around us.

General properties:

It has the following general features:

the beauty
the ability to generate
and donate energy.


In general its color is golden.
It can be mixed with shades of white.

Effects on the body:

In a person’s mental field:
it counteracts mental exhaustion,
caused by overwork and study.

In the emotional field:

develop the joy of life
eliminate fears,

In the spiritual field:

It is an excellent auric protection.

Linked signs:

It is closely linked to the sign of:



Each profession has a ruling stone.
helping and encouraging professionals in the area.
The professions that keep intimate relationships with this stone are:

any kind of seller,
professionals in the field of marketing and advertising, etc.



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15cm – 20cm