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Celestite - Box

Celestite – Box

Price is unitary.
As it is a crystal, the color may be slightly different.

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Celestite – Box

This stone symbolizes purity of spirit, innocence, righteousness and truth.
It belongs to the quartz family.
It is possible to find it in the form of a rough stone.
In Greece it symbolizes prudence, wisdom and guesswork.
Physically, it works very well if placed in the laryngeal chakra.
Improves visual acuity when placed on the third eye chakra.
It helps babies sleep, relieves colic and makes children not cry.
It has calming effects.
It has relaxing and extremely restful properties.
She develops inner peace to deal with daily challenges.
Allows you to find solutions to problems.
Provides an infinite feeling of serenity.
It conveys calm in the search for spiritual balance.


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