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Calcite I13

Calcite I13

It is a very energizing and cleansing stone.

Its energy helps to awaken our potentials.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras

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Calcite I13

It has very positive and beneficial energies.

Its power is very high.

Just one crystal in the environment is enough to purify.

It raises all the energies and vibrations of a place.

It can be used as jewelry or close to our body.

It removes stagnant energies.

Increases our vital energy.

It helps to develop our psychic abilities.

Develops our harmonious vibrations.

Reduces anxiety.

Fights depression.

It gives us deep peace of mind.

Makes the balance of emotions.

Soothes fears.

Fights depression.

Strengthens the lower Chakras.


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Orange, raw green