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Bull's eye

Bull’s eye

Bull’s Eye Seed is an amulet.
It may have other names, such as Olho de Veado.

Métodos para energizar cristais e pedras


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Bull’s eye

This mighty seed is an amulet, against the “evil eye”.
It may have other names, such as Olho de Veado.

They are used as personal amulets:
against envy,
evil eye,
and against negative energies.

When you buy one, first wash it under running water and dry it in the sun for 2 hours.
Pray Hail Mary and Our Father while holding the seed in your hands.
Place the seed in a cup, a spoonful of salt and water to half the cup.
Place the glass in a high place, preferably behind the front door of the house.
Keep watching the water can be dark even black.
Sign that the seed has burst.
Salt may overflow from the glass.
The seed can burst.
In either case it is for your protection.
Clean and change water.
If the seed sprouts, replace it with another one and throw the broken seed in a garden.
This is a sign that she has absorbed the evil eye, or envy or the negative energies that were directed at her.
Change the water and salt once a week.

How to use:

Place a bull’s eye seed in a glass of water, staying in a place that is above head level.
You can carry the seed with you in a pocket or purse.
Spread some seeds around the house.

We know that you have fulfilled your function when:
the seed crumbles into dust,
or damage,
then you should take it to Nature,
put the seed in a river of running water,
or bury itself in a forest, as it has already done its job.

Olho de Boi