How to program a crystal

Before we talk about how to program a crystal, we have to know the people responsible for the crystals and their tasks.

Elements and Crystals

The Elemental responsible for the crystals are the Gnomes.

Their task, among others, is to create crystals that lie beneath the Earth and through these crystals create an energetic grid that supplies and distributes etheric energy to the planet.

The Gnome takes care of the crystal’s first atomic nucleus until it transforms into a “visible” crystal to human eyes.

When we acquire a crystal, we must always contact the responsible Gnome.

How to contact the Gnome

Gnomes are on the Etheric plane, they rarely manifest in the physical dimension, so it’s your job to connect with parallel dimensions if you want access to this being.

– First step:

Have your brow chakra, or third eye, developed and balanced.

This chakra will be responsible for you being able to “see” or “feel” the Gnome.

– Second step:

Believing that it is possible. If you really believe that this communication is possible, it is almost certain that it will happen, any doubt will block the process.

Can I ask the Gnome whatever I want?

Gnomes are neutral beings and on the evolutionary scale they obey human consciousness, you can ask for what you want, as long as it is by mutual agreement.

Asking is not ordering, you can even order a Gnome to do something and he for being a “servant” will obey, but if it is something against his “ethics”, when he has an opportunity to “escape” he will take revenge on you. you.

Remember: Because he is the servant, any negative request, Karma becomes yours, you become responsible for the Gnome’s action and you will answer for it in the Karmic council, so ask only for positive things, which will help the next and to planet earth.

Practical Exercise – Sense the Gnomes

1-) Go to a place where you won’t be interrupted.

2-) Take the crystal and place it in front of the forehead chakra and close your eyes.

3-) Mentally invoke the presence of the Gnome responsible for the crystal.

4-) Be silent and wait.

5-) An image may come to your head, a voice or just a feeling of contact with a being.

6-) Start a friendship with the elemental and introduce yourself.

7-) From there ask for advice or help and have him as a dimensional friend. sense the gnomes

The Gnome will be present whenever we program and deprogram a crystal. He will help.

We don’t choose a crystal, it chooses us!

– When buying a crystal, be in absolute mental silence.

– Touch all the crystals, feeling them, as you will feel and receive a command or an intuition of which crystal to buy.

– Make it clear when buying that your intentions are positive and that they will bring peace and harmony to planet earth.

– Never use a crystal for evil purposes, remember, all Karma and Dharma of the crystal becomes yours at the time of programming.

Whenever you buy or use a crystal, clean it.

-To clean a crystal, the ideal is to use rainwater, waterfall, river or sea. Always in running water! If you do not have the possibility to place the crystal directly in nature, place it under running tap water and rub it willingly giving the mental command so that all impurities are removed.

-Avoid soaking your crystals in water and salt in your home as it can damage them.

– A great option is incense cleaning, or if you are a Reikiano you can use Reiki energy to clean.

polarize a crystal

– To polarize the crystal with good energies, place them directly on the earth in a garden, in contact with plants and leave for at least 7 days, rainwater is excellent.

– The frequency of light from the Sun and Moon are great for crystals, so whenever you have the opportunity, let them receive these vibrations. It should not exceed 2 hours of sun exposure as there are certain crystals that lose their color when exposed to the sun for too long.

deprogram a crystal

– Whenever you buy or offer a crystal, deprogram it and/or whenever you want a new function for the crystal, deprogram the previous one.

– Never leave two types of programming in the same crystal, focus is key.

– Go to a place of peace and silence.

– Put on some calming and inspiring music if you prefer.

– Eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind.

– Place the crystal towards the Front/Third eye chakra,

– Visualize the etheric form of the crystal and the responsible Gnome and mentally say:

“I deprogram this crystal of any existing programming.”

Program the Crystal

– Place the crystal at the height of the Frontal/Third Eye Chakra,

– Give a direct command: “I program this crystal to heal the physical body and that’s it.” (Do only one command per crystal).

– Make sure the command